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Exciting News from Harley House Distillery! Our Prohibition Rum family just got bigger!

We are thrilled to announce that our 'Prohibition Rum' collection has expanded! The bootleggers at 'Harley House Distillery' have been hard at work, once again crossing borders and pushing boundaries to bring you three exciting new flavours that are sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Our commitment to crafting exceptional, small-batch Rums remains unwavering, and these new additions are a testament to our dedication to delivering quality and innovation.

The unique and distinct flavour of the Pineapple was discovered as the perfect sweetener for the runner's unique rum. Blending the perfectly smooth notes of a Caribbean-style rum, with one of the most inconic tropical flavours, sends any Speakeasy to the Tip-Top.

The runners have infiltrated the hives and 'acquired' some of the finest honey to add to their delectable 'Golden Rum'. The result? A succulently sweet flavour that contrasts the smokey flavour given by the charred Oak. A reborn classic.

A cut of the best that the smugglers would take as payment. At 57% Abv there is a rich, full-bodied, and fruity rum that's screaming to be sipped with ice and thoroughly enjoyed!

Check them out on our website together with our full range of full-size 70cl bottles!

Our Rum

All our Rums at Harley House Distillery are made entirely in Sussex so therefore we can class ourselves as an English Rum. We are what is known as a 'Grain to Glass'. This means that we make our own base spirit, of which we are 1 of 10 other distilleries in the whole of the UK to do this. This is what makes our Rum so distinctive.

Being a "Grain to Glass" distillery is a significant distinction in the spirits industry. It means that we can control every aspect of the production process, from selecting and sourcing the raw materials to distillation and ageing, ultimately leading to a more authentic and distinctive product.

Here are some key points that make Harley House Distillery's English Rum special:

Local Sourcing: Making our base spirit entirely in Sussex showcases a commitment to using local ingredients, which can contribute to the unique flavour profile of our Rum. Supporting local agriculture and businesses is also a positive aspect of our approach.

Control Over Quality: By producing our base spirit in-house, we have full control over the quality of the raw materials and the distillation process. This allows us to fine-tune the flavour and character of our Rum to match our vision.

Distinctive Taste: With our unique production methods, our Rum is likely to have a flavour profile that sets it apart from mass-produced options. Consumers often appreciate craft spirits that offer something different and more personalised.

Craftsmanship: Being one of only ten distilleries in the entire UK that produce our own base spirit is a testament to our dedication to the craft. This level of craftsmanship often appeals to consumers looking for high-quality, artisan products.

For our full range of Rum & other award-winning spirits, head on over to our online store. We have something for all tastes and budgets, together with a fabulous gifting section with plenty of ideas for birthdays and Christmas which is not too far on the horizon!


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