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Christmas Gin Gift Ideas for Gin Lovers

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Just because it’s no longer summer, it doesn’t mean gin is out of season. Now that it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents, how about treating your gin-loving family, friends and loved ones with these Christmas gift ideas? Whether it’s a stocking filler, secret Santa, or a main present, our suggestions should give you some ideas for the perfect present for a gin lover.

For the Art Lover

The perfect gift for gin lovers, someone who just moved house, loves home decor or collects beautiful prints. Order a print of their favourite cocktail, and if you want to bulk the gift out you could even find gift sets of the ingredients. For a unique gift this Christmas, support a small business or independent artist such as Ella Bruty, who creates beautiful illustrations of your favourite cocktails (and much more). Check her cocktail illustrations on her Etsy page.

Gift ingredients:

  • Print of a Negroni

  • Give it a spiced twist with our Indian Spice and Mango One.

  • Dried orange crisps

  • A bottle of Sweet Vermouth

  • A bottle of Campari

To assemble this gift, add a nice frame for the print. Assemble in a bag or basket; we think unwrapped would look best since it’s a visual gift anyway!

For the Strawberry Lover

This is for the person who eats all the strawberry chocolates in a tin of Quality Street, lathers their toast in strawberry jam and spends too much money on fresh strawberries in the middle of winter. Consider building a hamper around repurposing a summery smashed strawberry gin and tonic, turning it into something that can be enjoyed all year.

Gift ingredients:

To assemble this gift, we think wrapping it individually and compiling it in a gift basket would be perfect. Print off the recipe for The Strawberry One, which can be found in the cocktails section of our blog, and attach it to the bottle with some string.

For the Cosy One

We all know that one person who just wants to fall onto the sofa with a hot drink and a good show on Netflix. The Christmas season is all about being merry, so why not get this person the ingredients for a mulled gin and tonic? Follow the recipe in our post on Christmas Gin Cocktail ideas. Instead of sloe gin, why not try The Hedgerow One for a rich, fruity flavour?

Gift ingredients:

  • A bottle of The Hedgerow One

  • A bottle of cloudy apple juice and orange juice

  • One mulled wine sachet

  • Two cinnamon sticks

  • Two-star anise

  • Extra: mince pies

To assemble this gift, wrap the bottles separately; we recommend buying juice in glass bottles for a sturdier, more luxe gift. Add the cinnamon and star anise to a loose-leaf tea bag (or muslin bag), with the mulled wine sachet attached. Print off the recipe, roll it up, and attach to the biggest bottle with some string.

For the One Who Has it All

For a gin lover who has it all, consider a botanical set to up their gin game. This one from BoroughBox comes with 12 botanicals that will elevate any gin, but we think these would go particularly well with our lemon flavoured gin for fresh, vibrant tasting cocktails and G&Ts every time.

Alternatively, how about a set to grow your own botanics? A perfect challenge for someone who loves gardening, who has everything, or someone who loves trying new things. It’s a particularly thoughtful gift for someone who wants to elevate a classic London dry gin.

For when you’re on a budget

The Christmas season is notoriously pricey. Instead of forking out a tonne of cash for your loved ones, how about making your own gin bar on Christmas Eve to spend with your loved ones. Act as the mixologist for an evening; try new recipes and flavours, and have a blast. Check out our aforementioned cocktails page for some inspiration.

Christmas Gin Gifts

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