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We're now six flavours of 'The Curiosity Series'. Our botanical range.

Here at Harley House, we love to explore, create and discover. Our company is based on

pushing the boundaries; being bold and being inquisitive to the fullest extent.

We are constantly working behind the scenes to grow our offering, to bring something new to

the table, and after a year and a half we are now at six flavours of our wonderful 'Curiosity Range' of spirits.

Flavoured Botanical Spirits

We wanted something that encompassed everything we stand for as a company, but it

needed to take it to the next level.

The Curiosity Series has been developed to showcase an ever-changing range of spirits

which we hope you will all be able to play a part in.

Our idea is to allow your curiosity in flavours to help us to develop brand new spirits. We want to distill and bottle your amazing ideas! The view of this series is to stay curious and keep learning and developing new and interesting distillations and flavour combinations.

Currently, we have now launched six distinct flavours of gin and a vodka, unique in taste and refreshingly thirst quenching. Each spirit has its own story to tell, so let’s dive into the world of our fantastical botanicals!

The Lemon One

Citrus in gin is nothing new but add a little curiosity and ingenuity and you have a soul-

shakingly luscious lemon gin that won’t disappoint. Secretly flavoured with key botanicals

along with Primo Fiore lemons and limes, this gin will sharpen your tongue and refresh the mind. Punchy yet fruitful, The Lemon one can be experienced in several ways.

Combined in cocktails or enjoyed on its own... it’s sure to leave your tongue tingling with a variety of mouth-wateringly scrumptious fruits and botanicals.

The lemon one is citrus to the nose, similar to that of lemon drizzle cake. Zingy fresh lemon and

lime with earthy piney juniper. It has a clean finish with lemon sherbet and vanilla.

The Strawberry One

This inexorably delectable Strawberry gin tingles the senses as it twists and turns. Don’t be fooled by the inviting rose colour, as this bottle contains a wonderful variety of botanicals that are sure to excite your curiosity.

Join us on this trip through the strawberry fields and deep into the abyss of tantalising taste. So, get your favourite drinking vessel, ice, or tonic along with strawberries and a fantastic twist of lemon and join us in this voyage of discovery.

The strawberry one is a strawberry forward gin, followed by the classic piney juniper and spicy cardamom. It has a clean finish with peppery floral notes.


The Hedgerow One

Winner of a Silver medal at the recent London Spirit Awards.

Found nestled in the hedgerows of Sussex are a series of incredibly unique botanicals in both appearance and taste. These wonderful flavours are harnessed in the bottle to allow you to enchant your curiosity and sample the unique flavours of the Sussex countryside.

Each irresistibly divine botanical brings its own story to the bottle to create a gin never seen

or tried before. Dive deep into the bottle to discover a whole new world and gin-tasting

experience. Whether it’s on a cold winter night, or a scorching hot summer, strap in for a

sensory sensation in the form of a hedgerow gin.

The Hedgerow one is a fresh, fragrant and fruity gin, some say autumn in a bottle. With a palate of blackberry, apple, sloe and rosehip and a dry finish with a delectable creamy spice.

The Indian Spiced Mango One

The Indian Spice and Mango One is made from the sweetest of Mangos and aromatic Indian Spices, this is a gin experience with the taste of sweet mango followed by the gentle aroma of Indian Spices.

This delectable gin has to be tasted to be believed. It most definitely makes you curious as you will have never tasted anything like this Gin before and we guarantee you will be blown away by its unique flavours. Your taste buds will be dancing around inside your mouth all evening after trying this.

The Kaffir Lime Vodka One

Made in our award-winning Distillery with fresh Kaffir Lime, this premium vodka gives a delightful citrus hit for a spirit bursting with flavour!

Kaffir lime leaves are a mainstay of Thai cuisine, and they have a high content of aromatic oils. Infused in the distillation process with kaffir lime leaves for a fragrant and naturally flavoured citrus spirit.

Goes without saying that you get the aromas and flavours of a Thai Green curry with this wonderful aromatic vodka. Amazingly refreshing with ice and a premium tonic water on those warm summer nights.

The Raspberry & Elderflower One

Our latest addition to Curiosity Series was launched just in time for all the amazing Gin festivals & events of this never-ending summer.

Our brand new Raspberry & Elderflower gin is the ultimate summertime drink with the taste of fresh raspberry and subtle elderflower, it is bursting with flavour.

Drink as a refreshing gin and tonic or, as on many occasions over the summer at gin festivals, it has been added to our 'slushies', and especially our Lemon flavoured slushy! Helping you to keep cool and refreshed this summer.

Satisfy your Curiosity

We love to get out and about at festivals and the various events we attend over the summer, getting to see you, our wonderful customers all over the country. You can rest assured that our spirits are the perfect pairing on a scorching summer’s day. So head on over to our Curiosity Series on our website and treat yourself to a bottle for this picture-perfect summer we are having right now.

If you want to keep up with our voyage of discovery, head on over to our Facebook or

Instagram pages for regular updates and curious goings on. @harleyhousedistillery

We’d love to hear about your favourite flavour combinations or distillation thoughts, so please do get in touch and maybe we can make your musings come to life! Alternatively, if you have any questions and want to speak to someone, give us a call on 01323 491998.


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