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The curiosity series: Which gin is for me?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Our new curiosity series brings three brand new distinctly different gins to join our standard Sussex gin. Whilst we love every flavour in the collection, we understand that some may have different preferences in terms of their tipple of choice. So, we’ve taken the time to give you a comprehensive guide to which gin is for you.

Lemon gin

Our lemon gin is all in on the citrus notes and zesty springiness of the lemon fruit. Taking fresh lemons from our trusted sources, we have crafted this gin to be the alcoholic lemon drizzle cake you’ve always wanted.

This is for people who enjoy the sweet sharpness of lemon and want a refreshing citrus alternative to their standard gin, this is the gin to drink. Pair with a great tonic and enjoy the clean finish of lemon sherbet.

Prefer an orange? We have the clementine gin for that!

Strawberry gin

Strawberry is a great partner for gin. As it goes with so many types of tonic and botanicals, strawberries have a distinctly sweet flavour and are greatly refreshing, especially when distilled with a gin and served with plenty of ice.

We think the strawberry gin is the perfect companion to your summer evenings sat in the garden entertaining with friends, its delicately rich profile is the perfect refresher and a welcome addition to our family of Sussex gins.

Hedgerow Gin

Fruity, fragrant and autumnal, our Hedgerow gin is a special creation to the Sussex area and one we really enjoy. Our botanical recipe is dialled up to include various fruits and spices for a creamy and delicate finish.

Hedgerow is for those who like more of a bite to their gin, with plenty of notes on both the nose and mouth, we hope you’ll enjoy its complexity just as much as we enjoyed crafting it.

The Curiosity Series
The Curiosity Series

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