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How Our Curiosity Series are made

How we make lemon gin

Using our distilling process here in the heart of Sussex, we have created this curiously intriguing botanical gin infused with lemon.

Inspired by the robust citrusy notes of a freshly baked lemon drizzle cake, we have crafted this lemon gin to be your go-to tipple throughout the warmer months.

Our unique blend of 15 botanicals goes hand in hand with the citrus blast of lemon. The Lemon One is a refreshing gin, handmade from start to finish, is perfect when shared with a premium tonic water or as a citrus twist to a classic cocktail.

How we make strawberry gin

Enjoy a refreshing summer spirit as we have taken our classic juniper recipe and infused it with sweet strawberries.

Another summer influenced drink pairing, this strawberry gin is crafted delicately by hand and uses only the freshest ingredients as we distil every order by hand.

Pair The Strawberry One with a premium tonic water for a light and refreshing drink, that still has the distinct botanical flavour of our award-winning gin, but infused with the curious flavour that will encourage trying again and again.

How we make The Hedgerow gin

Our most curious gin, botanical spirits won’t get much more autumnal than this. Our distinct Sussex gin is infused with blackberry, sloe and apple, with notes of rosehip for added depth, this is not just a curious gin, but a truly intriguing gin with an abundance of notes to keep you guessing.

Infusing The Hedgerow One with this blend of fruits and botanicals means that there is a distinct creamy and spicy finish to our gin, opening up choices for mixers and a star feature to add to a classic cocktail. Indulge your curiosity as you take a sip of our gin brimming with a difference.

Harley House Flavoured Gins
The Curiosity Series

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