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Award winning 'Prohibition Rum' Distilled at Harley House.

Hand produced and barrel aged in Sussex, our Prohibition Rum is a true echo of the past with its traditional

spice. Hand produced, fermented distilled and barrel aged here at Harley House in Sussex. Our Prohibition rum currently has 3 in the range: Spiced, Golden & Toffee Spiced!

Fact; Our Molasses come from Guadeloupe via a schooner sailing ship, our labels are made from sugar cane fibre and thus we have kept our carbon footprint on this very low.

Inspired by the Prohibition era of the early 20th century, a Sussex made single cask traditional Golden Rum made using fermented molasses and sugar cane. Double pot distilled then aged in ex-bourbon whiskey barrels to present a subtle warming, spicy flavour. A rich and full-bodied Golden Rum with notes of oak, bourbon, vanilla, tobacco and spice for a well-rounded flavour. A truly fine sipping rum.

We also have a wonderfully traditional spiced rum Infused with a delicious range of winter spices and then rested to give the spirit a vibrant lift and the tastes of the Caribbean. A rich and full-bodied spiced rum like no other. Big hits of all-spice, fennel seeds and clove with hints of orange peel and cinnamon for a well rounded flavour.

Give your tastebuds a treat with the third and newest rum in the range, our delicious 'Toffee Spiced Rum', bursting with flavours of toffee, vanilla, cinnamon, and a hint of banana. This unique blend will have them dancing!

So we have some amazing news to tell you all...

Our ' Prohibition Spiced Rum' won a Silver Medal at the 'London Spirit Competition' last month in the Rum category!

It's an amazing achievement and we're thrilled that it has been recognised with this award. Lightly spiced, this unique blend is one that has captured the imagination of the party goer for centuries.

Each batch we produce consists of a limited number of bottles meaning that we can create each bottle by hand with the utmost care and attention.

Here at Harley House we like to source our ingredients as locally as possible. Not only to ensure a crisp sensory experience of flavour but also to give our bottles character and the pure DNA of Sussex.

All of our bottles are labelled, checked and batch stamped by hand. This allows us to intricately quality check our products before sending them out to our lovely customers.

The bootleggers have successfully crossed the border to bring you the finest Prohibition rum!

The ideal gift for the rum lover, why not treat them to our miniature rum selection box, containing a 5cl mini of each flavour!

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