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'Made In Sussex'

"Making a local gin that is so versatile and with so much care and attention is something I really pride myself on"

Adam Cowley (Creative Distiller)

Harley House Distillery is based in Seaford, East Sussex. We are nestled at the edge of the beautiful South Downs next to the Seven Sisters Cliffs, midway between Brighton and Eastbourne.

Here at Harley House, we like to source our ingredients as locally as possible. Not only to ensure a crisp sensory experience of flavour but also to give our bottles character and the pure DNA of Sussex.100% produced by us from the initial ferment to the production of 92-94% ABV Alcohol using our column still which distils the ferment 11 times to ensure the purest and smoothest alcohol.

Our distillery prides itself on creating unique produce that showcases our local area and leaves a lasting memory on the tastebuds. All of our neutral alcohol and final gin production uses water from our aquifer in the South Downs in every batch we create. The water is thoroughly filtered through the South Downs to provide the purest beginning of any spirit. We use the freshwater to create initial alcohol solutions which is unusual however, it is something we particularly pride ourselves on.

"The distinctive chalk ridge of the South Downs often described as the spine of the South Downs National Park was formed at this time after layer after layer of marine deposits were laid down.

These deposits once formed a huge dome of chalk stretching across to Surrey and North Kent. Weathering and erosion during the last ice age sculpted the landscape into its valleys, distinct hilltops, and ridges.

The chalk acts like a giant sponge and stores water. This huge underground reservoir (or ‘aquifer’), feeds water from springs into streams and rivers. It also provides over 1.2 million people living in and around the National Park with fresh drinking water."

We produce our spirits in their entirety, from the initial fermentation to the final distillations. Many of our ingredients and botanicals are sourced and found if not in Sussex, in the UK. An exception to this is from creating our 'Prohibition Rum' where we import our molasses from Guadeloupe in the Caribbean.

Creating unique, mouthwatering, spirits is about getting the balance of base alcohol to a stage of perfection. We have trialled and errored many different types of yeast and ingredients to start the initial ferment. The strain of yeast and the quality of other ingredients makes a huge difference, this was learnt whilst visiting colleagues in a distillery in Barbados a few years ago.

We take great inspiration from our surrounding area. Be it from the natural beauty of the countryside in The South Downs or the simple ingredients we can find from walking our dogs, 'Chilli & Pepper'. One of our most popular gins taken from our 'Curiosity Series' is inspired by just that and is called 'The Hedgerow One'. It even won a Silver award from The London Spirit Competition capturing the imagination of the judges with its distinct botanicals, its fragrance and its fruity palate of blackberry, apple, sloe and rosehip. Its finish is dry with a creamy spice.

"Found nestled in the hedgerows of Sussex are a series of incredibly unique botanicals in both appearance and taste. These wonderful flavours are comprised in the bottle to allow you to enchant your curiosity and sample the unique flavours of the Sussex countryside.

Each irresistibly divine botanical brings its own story to the bottle to create a gin never seen or tried before. Dive deep into the bottle to discover a whole new world gin-tasting experience. Whether it is on a cold winter's night or a scorching hot summer's day, strap in for a sensory sensation never experience before."

Another seasonal favourite from Harley House Distillery is our handmade 'Sussex Sloe Gin'. Again, inspired by our local surroundings and made with our classic, triple award-winning, Pure Sussex Gin, and locally sourced hand-picked Sussex Sloes. A perfect-tasting sloe gin, smooth to drink, a classic winter warmer or long summer drink.

Of course, we could go on and mention every single spirit or liqueur we produce at Harley House Distillery. Each one has something truly distinctive, or unique to our area here in East Sussex. We feel extremely lucky to call this place our home and to live in one of England's most quintessential, charming and beloved areas. Being full of natural beauty and with an abundance of British history. With the name of our spirits, our award-winning signature Pure Sussex Gin, we always try to emphasise our rich, agricultural surroundings and inspiration to all our products. The principal ingredients that grow in and around The South Downs are the building blocks of our brand and our flavour profiles.

For more information on our products, our sustainability statement or any general information, then please contact us at


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