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Different mixers to use with The Curiosity series

Our curiosity series has been designed to bring out the most interesting notes in your gin. As an elevated and interesting series of gins, you will want to use the most complimentary collection of mixers to get the most out of your curiosity.


A classic pairing with gin. Tonic water is a fantastic, aromatic and delicate partner to gin when done right.

With The Curiosity series, we recommend keeping your tonic premium and simple. The flavours of the series have been cultivated to be bold and interesting, and as such you don’t want to take away from that by adding a complicated mixer.

Use the Merchants Heart tonic water or their light tonic water as a great simple and premium pair for any of the gins in The Curiosity series. Especially with The Strawberry one as the tonic will complement the strong flavour of strawberries.

Bitter lemon & lemonade

Although not working with some of the gins in this collection. Bitter lemon will really compliment our lemon gin for a very refreshing drink that can be enjoyed all summer long.

If you can find it, try The Lemon one with bitter lime, for an alcoholic lemon and lime refresher!


Gin is a key cocktail in several cocktails and the added complexity of The Curiosity series makes it a great option to elevate your usual Harley House cocktail!

We have already compiled our list of cocktails featuring the strawberry one and the lemon one, with The Hedgerow one being a great option in a martini or gimlet.

Flavoured Gin Cocktails
Mixers to use with the Curiosity Series

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