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Pure Sussex Gin 


Our IWSC Award winning signature Gin that is so fantastically smooth, it's like drinking liquid silk. Hand crafted with 15 premium quality botanicals which have been carefully balanced to give an an ultimate gin experience. (40% ABV)

IWSC tasting notes :

A heavy and  characterful base spirit that is fruity with bready, rye notes. Flavours of citrus add zestiness and oiliness to the palate, followed by gentle floral notes.

Sizes/RRP: 70cl £37.50, 5cl £5.50

Sussex Blue Gin


Be the star of any party when you arrive with this Magic Gin. The first colour changing gin produced in the UK, our Sussex Blue Gin contains the petals of the Butterfly Pea Flower from Thailand, which is a natural PH indicator. This reacts with the citric acid in the mixer and the magic happens! The Butterfly Pea Flower has many health benefits, including being beneficial for the heart and lungs and increases libido. (40% ABV)

Tasting notes:

A juniper forward Gin, not as floral as one would expect considering the flower element but bursting with tongue tingling flavours and bags of character. Tastes as amazing as it looks!

Sizes/RRP: 50cl £35.00, 5cl £5.50

Honeysuckle & Hibiscus Gin


A totally sublime, unique gin distilled with Honeysuckle and Roselle Hibiscus among 10 other premium botanicals. This is a one of a kind gin on Planet Earth, Infused with a medicinal wood.  (43% ABV)

Tasting notes:

When sipped neat, a beautiful bourbon flavour comes forward followed by a mellow juniper and ginger finish.

When a premium tonic is added, an amazing flavour change happens. Sherbet Lemon Gin! 

Sizes/RRP: 70cl £40.00, 5cl £5.50


Clementine Gin


A mouthwateringly vibrant gin, distilled and infused with clementines. Perfect for summer or winter. (37.5%Ab.v.)

Tasting notes:

A beautifully balanced spirit with a robust, sweet clementine flavour throughout 

Sizes/RRP: 50cl £35.00, 5cl/£5.50

Rhubarb and ginger gin liqueur


For those with a sweet tooth. Pure Sussex Gin infused with fresh rhubarb and root ginger some sugar and nothing else. The perfect partner to any sparkling wine or with lemonade/soda water, even enjoyed neat over ice. (22-25%Abv.)

Sizes/RRP: 50cl £25.00, 5cl/£5.50

Sussex Sloe Gin


To be enjoyed all year round. We handpick our Sloe berries every year from the hedgerows surrounding the distillery! (28-30% ABV)

Sizes/RRP: 50cl £30.00, 5cl £5.50

Harness your curiosity for this voyage through bewildering botanicals of tantalising taste...with THE CURIOSITY SERIES

The Lemon One GIN

Citrus to nose, similar to that of lemon drizzle cake. Zingy fresh Primofiori  lemon and lime with earthy piney juniper. It has a clean finish with lemon sherbet and vanilla.

Sizes/RRP: 50cl £30.00, 5cl/£5.50

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The Strawberry One GIN

A strawberry forward gin, followed by the classic piney juniper and spicy cardamom. It has a clean finish with peppery floral notes.

Sizes/RRP: 50cl £30.00, 5cl/£5.50

The Hedgerow One GIN

It is autumn in a bottle, fragrant and fruity. Palate of blackberry, Apple, sloe and rosehip. Finish is dry with a creamy spice.

Silver award winner in London Spirit Competition 2022

Sizes/RRP: 50cl £30.00, 5cl/£5.50

Kaffir Lime VODKA

Made in our award winning Distillery with fresh Kaffir Lime, this premium vodka gives a delightful citrus hit for a spirit bursting with flavour!

Sizes/RRP: 50cl £30.00, 5cl/£5.50

The Indian Spice and Mango One GIN

Made from the sweetest of Mangos and aromatic Indian spices, this is a gin experience with the taste of sweet mango followed by the gentle aroma of Indian Spices.


Sizes/RRP: 50cl £30.00, 5cl/£5.50

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Toffee Spiced Rum

Prohibition Rum


Hand produced and barrel aged in Sussex, our Prohibition Rum is a true echo of the past with its traditional spice. (40%Abv.)

Sizes/RRP: 50cl £35.00