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Pure Sussex Gin

The Spirit Of Sussex

Produced entirely in Sussex, England

The pride of Harley House Distillery is our Pure Sussex Gin, whether you are looking for a cocktail gin, sipping gin, or a classic gin and tonic, our connoisseur’s gin is the perfect gin for all.

What makes our superb gin, Pure Sussex Gin?


We produce our neutral alcohol using locally sourced water from an aquifer in the South Downs. This is unusual nowadays as it is a time consuming process however, it allows us to ensure that the quality of water used in every single bottle is some of the purest and highest quality you can find. 


Creating  a unique, class-act gin is all about getting the balance of flavour right from the initial taste to the last. We call the taste of Pure Sussex a flavour journey. This journey starts with one flavour and travels through all of the botanicals until the last one. We use 15 botanicals in total from a base of juniper through to frankincense and a flower that can be found growing on the South Downs.


We produce our gin in its entirety, from initial fermentation to the final gin distillation.

Tasting Notes

Your flavour journey will be juniper forward, as all gins should be! Pure Sussex is warming, well balanced and easy to drink and will compliment any gin shelf.
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Family Ginventors

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