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Sussex Blue Gin: What you need to know

What is Blue Gin?

If you’re a lover and connoisseur of all things gin related then it’s unlikely you have let blue gin sidestep your radar but on the off-chance it has let’s get into it. This magical spirit hit the limelight last year when Margot Robbie uploaded a photo of herself sipping on a glass of bright pink gin and tonic on her Instagram feed. But hang on a second, we’re talking about blue gin right? Not pink……

Blue gin is so-called because it features a unique botanical that other gins don’t, butterfly pea blossom (Clitoria Ternatea). This flower is typically found in Asia and features an interesting compound that reacts to PH levels by changing colour. To simplify that, the deep blue gin changes to a bright pink when mixed with an acidic solution, such as Tonic Water!

How should it be drunk?