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Flavoured gin

middle right hedgerow
middle right hedgerow
middle right hedgerow
middle right hedgerow
Hedgerow bottle

Found nestled in the hedgerows of Sussex are a series of incredibly unique botanicals in both appearance and taste. These wonderful flavours are comprised in the bottle to allow you to enchant your curiosity and sample the unique flavours of the Sussex countryside. Each irresistibly divine botanical brings its own story to the bottle to create a gin never seen or tried before. Dive deep into the bottle to discover a whole new world and gin tasting experience. Whether it’s on a cold winter night, or a scorching hot summer, strap in for a sensory sensation never experienced before.   

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hand 2.

Harness your curiosity for this voyage through bewildering botanicals of tantalising taste...

Join us on this journey through the series that you can have a say in. Have you ever thought of creating your own spirits, and exciting your inner distiller? The curiosity series allows you to do just that. Every six to eight weeks we’ll be asking you what flavours you would like us to distil! From here we’ll whittle it down to just two choices and let you vote for which one you’d like to see.


Follow us on Instagram @thecuriosityseries to stay up to date with the latest flavour suggestions, voting and the whole distilling process. There will be a limited number of bottles in each batch so don’t forget to grab them quick, these flavours are never here to stay…


If you’ve got any suggestions, we’d love to hear them, if your flavour gets chosen, you’ll get the first bottle of the batch for free! Remember to browse our store to see our full range of products! 

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