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Thinking of stocking
harley house spirits?

Become a stockist

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If you are interested in stocking our spirits then we would love to hear from you. All trade enquiries are handled by Adam, our Master Distiller. 
Get in touch today and become a stockist of Harley House Distillery spirits. 

Call Adam on 01323 491998 or email us

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Why choose us?

We are an award winning, small-batch, family run business. Each batch we create consists of a limited number of bottles meaning that we can create each bottle by hand with the upmost care and attention.


We also produce our spirits with a technique called 'Grain to glass'. This means that we make our base spirit in which we are one of approx 10 distilleries in the UK to do this. Our perfect serve is also said to be a "flavour explosion". 

You won't our spirits in any supermarket and we only use the best natural botanicals and natural ingredients, foraged locally where possible during production.


But don't just take our word for it. You have to try for yourself. Book a tasting session with us today. 

Sussex Blue Gin
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Are all your spirts made onsite? 

"Making a local gin that is so versatile and with so much care and attention is something I really pride myself on"

                                                            Adam Cowley (Creative Distiller)

Harley House Distillery is situated in the seaside town of Seaford in East Sussex. The distillery is at our home and we particularly pride ourself on creating unique produce that showcases our local area and leaves a lasting memory on the tastebuds. We use water from our aquifer in the South Downs in every batch we create. The water is thoroughly filtered through the South Downs to provide the purest beginning of any spirit. We use the fresh water to create initial alcohol solutions which is unusual however, it is something we particularly pride ourselves on.

Being a family run business means that we take pride in every bottle that goes out of the distillery. Our Creative Distiller, Adam produces each batch by hand from start to finish and ensures that the final batch is to his taste satisfaction. The bottles are individually labelled and hand stamped before being carefully hand filled. The final process is placing caps on the bottles, sealing them and boxing before sending them directly to you. 

Our friends in the trade are welcome to visit us anytime and you can see our production process in person! Book your tour with the link below. We look forward to meeting you old sport!

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how can i buy 'harley house' spirits?

You can buy with us direct at Harley House Distillery by simply downloading our Trade Brochure or contacting us. You can also buy via one of our wholesale partners with links below.  


Support we can offer: 

  • Free distillery tours for you and your team

  • Quick & efficient delivery times

  • Favourable credit terms

  • Free training for your staff

  • Low minimum order of six bottles

  • Glassware & POS

  • Menu listing support & retros

  • Event support/spirit tasting in your venue

  • Cocktail consultancy

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