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Our Gin Distillery

Harley House Distillery is based in Seaford, East Sussex. We are nestled at the edge of the beautiful South Downs next to the Seven Sisters Cliffs, midway between Brighton and Eastbourne.


Our Distillery is a labour of love, from Adam's early morning revelation that "I think I'll build a still" in the Spring of 2017 it has grown. Initially, Adam handmade a 'Moonshine' Type still which was constantly being added to. The next still which was 80-litre capacity being purchased in Summer 2018 to the summer of 2019 when we took delivery of a 380 litre still. In May 2020 new parts were commissioned to be made for our still and are due to be sent from Russia (with love?). No doubt this is not where the story of the equipment ends as we expect there are many more additions to come.


Harley House has numerous licences, our distilling license was granted in July 2017. We are also a Customs & Excise bonded warehouse, as we distil all our products and are capable of distilling anything that can be distilled.


We produce our spirits entirety, from initial fermentation to the final distillations.  Many of our Ingredients and botanicals are sourced and found if not in Sussex, in the UK.

Creating unique, mouthwatering, spirits is about getting the balance of base alcohol to a stage of perfection. We have trialled and error'd many different types of yeast and ingredients to start the initial ferment. The strain of yeast and the quality of other ingredients makes a huge difference, this was learnt whilst visiting colleagues in a distillery in Barbados.

All of our neutral alcohol and final gin production uses locally sourced water from an aquifer in the South Downs. This is laboratory tested twice a year for potability. which allows us to ensure that the quality of water used in every single bottle is some of the purest and highest quality you can find.

Copper still parts gin distillery
Working gin distillery
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